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Payment method

Secure Payment method 

For good and an early service we also seek co-operation and co-ordination form our reputed customer, to make the parcel available to them on time.

TAF using a very secure and  easy private method for payments, for placing your order just click the checkout tab, If you already avail our service in past so you just need to log in with your existing account for free tracking system and if you are going to place your order for the first time you need to create your account with easy steps.

For an early and timely shipment we keep the complete information of our customer in our database, and assure the verification of customer identification completely before dispatching the parcel, After receiving the payments from our reputable customers we dispatch the parcel of their order via reliable and recognized courier services, to make the whole process smooth and flawless, complete and authentic information of customers payment method and personal billing address is necessary so that you our customers won’t face any problem.

 Once you place your order our customer service agents will response you within 24 hours and will dispatch your parcel within 5-7 working days with our fast and quick shipment service, as well as once the parcel will be dispatch our customer service agent will sent you an email for acknowledgment and confirmation, As soon as our customers received their order we don’t keep their personal information as well as the whole transaction process.

You can any of the following secure and reliable payment mode:

  • Visa Card
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Master Card

For any query or further information feel free to contact us on customer.service@theamericanfashion.com